Security Officers

When organizing events, decisive action and customer service provided by security staff can be matters of great importance to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. We continuously train our security staff to maintain a solid level of customer service and to react quickly when decisions are needed. Our staff aims to fulfill requests and wishes promptly, politely and efficiently.

Our security staff personnel are first and foremost safety and security professionals, but they are also well-versed when customer service really matters. The skills, attitude and actions directly reflect the integrity of the company which provides the service. The level of integrity Safetor has makes us confident and proud and it shows.

The variety of equipment at our disposal is adequate to say the least. Equipment in addition to skilled personnel equals a successful event:

  • Computer hardware and monitoring devices
  • Portable radios (VHF and PMR)
  • Metal detectors
  • Life boat
  • Vehicles and trailers for transporting security management personnel and necessary equipment

Bar & nightclub security

We carry out security supervising and provide security staff for pubs, night clubs and dance events etc. We assist other workers as much as we can to help create a successful event for everyone. Our services are flexible and according to our current customers our concept is easily among the best they have seen during their careers. We are often able to react to wishes and special needs at short notice.

Event security

Safety and security matters are fundamental factors for organizing successful events. Our employees have irreproachable backgrounds and they possess good language, first aid and customer service skills. Our security officers have been trained to react quickly and decisively when they face threats or problems and to always protect and assist event staff and customers.