Safetor SECURE

safe house

Careful risk analysis is always conducted to map needed staff and optimal security measures for the client's needs. We can provide staff and/or security systems to transform premises of your choosing into a safe house complex. If time is of the essence, we have complete safe house solutions readily available.

We provide safe house services for situations like family crisis, witness protection and domestic violence among others. When constant guarding and protection are needed, we will find a suitable solution. A safe house with needed security measures is possible to arrange at short notice.

Accommodation (inc. VAT 24%)
1-4 persons (adults/children)
160 € / day
Transport (inc. VAT 24%)
Client pick up from train station (Kauhava, Lapua)
0 €
Client pickup (somewhere else in Finland)
1,5 € / km
Meals (inc. VAT 24%) / person
children under 3 years eat for free
5 €
10 €
10 €
Supper 5 €